This film highlights the misconceptions about our unhoused community including:

1. Being unhoused is NOT a choice. It is a temporary circumstance that leaves many dealing with our housing crisis, starvation wages, loss and trauma.

2. Unhoused individuals are not all criminals nor do they perpetuate safety issues to those who are housed. It’s quite the opposite unhoused individuals are targets for criminals. There are situations of intersectionality that we recognize, but let’s not forget that plenty of “criminals” are housed and living within our communities.

3. Not all unhoused individuals are addicted to substances nor are they all having a mental health crisis. Again I point out that some of this is indeed intersectional, but discriminating against our unhoused community when plenty of people who are housed hide their own addictions and mental health issues inside their homes is an unfair assessment. Many people are highly functioning and experiencing homelessness. It’s easier to hide issues of addiction or mental health hardships when you are housed, not as easy when you are unhoused.

4. People living in poverty already have one foot in the homeless community simply because it’s been impossible to get a fair wage and rent to be sustainable for a majority of people living in poverty. If you really want to address the homeless crisis then address poverty period. Classism and racism are at the root of these issues, so lets address it.

5. The toxic mindset that unhoused people deserve this circumstance is causing more harm and contributing to the increasing numbers of those experiencing homelessness. We are loosing more and more compassion as times goes on. Lead with compassion, dignity, patience, understanding, respect and inclusiveness this is the only way to prove to the unhoused that they are worthy of a better life… BECAUSE THEY ARE!